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    I concept Idea for feedback and refinement (Mechanicus/Iron Hands army)

    Greetings fellow gamers,

    I have been toying with the idea of developing a new marine army based off of the Iron Hands and the adeptus mechanicus.

    My goalis to create a force of varied use. One that will allow me to get the most 'bang for my buck'

    Here is the idea:

    Creating an Iron Father (Chapter Master)
    Using the latest techmarine model, with a chaos backpack (icons filed off). The conversion options would let me use it to 'count as' a chapter master or wolf lord (or Chaos lord w/ Mark of Tzeentch)

    Venerable Dreadnought (I plan on building it to look like Iron hands, but to either count as dreadnought or Bjorn the Fell-Handed)

    Arco-Flagellants to count as 'blood claws' lead by a wolf guard (techmarine without servo arm)

    Penitent engines to count as thunderwolf cavalry

    Do these ideas sound good to anyone else?

    I have a couple ideas for technology based "Lone Wolves" (Perhaps advanced servitor-type creations)

    How would you model fenrisian wolves (I don't want cyberwolves) I was thinking some sort of cross between a Tau drone and making it look more imperial/close combat oriented.

    I plan on having my devestators linked up with a targeting matrix (count as long fang sgt to allow for the split fire) or having the sergeant accompanying gun servitor type devices.

    I am just wondering if anyone else has any ideas. ... or if you would never play against a list that mixed & matched like that...?

    Very Respectfully,

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    It'll be a nice looking force, I doubt you'd have trouble in friendlies though some of the models are a little out (penitents are huge).

    Are you set on playing wolves? You could play actual arcos and penitents in a WH force with the inquisitor as the tech magos and a couple of units of Skitarii storm troopers.
    WH forces are eligible to take up to 4 troops choices of marines & 3 dreadnoughts.

    Allied the other way around you could get the inquisitor and arcos but not the penitents.

    As far as a lone wolf goes - the Mechanicum have (or used to have) Cydonian assassins - somewhat comparable to eversors, though they were female and armed with plasma weaponry.

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