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    Creation of the Exorcists - Army Idea

    Having played pure Grey Knights I am thinking of creating the Exorcist Chapter at the time of its creation. The fluff (what there is) says that the Exorcists were sent to fight on a Daemon world on the northern edge of the Eye of Terror, backed up by a company of Grey Knights should the 'experiment' go wrong.

    So, I'm thinking of Space Marines with allied Daemonhunters.

    The Space Marine (Exorcist) part will comprise of a Librarian and Chaplain (to tend for the spiritual/psychic needs of the army). The Chaplain will be seconded from the Inquisition. Then some tactical squads probably in rhinos with a bit of heavy support.

    The Grey Knights part will consist of a Brother Captain and squad of Terminators (maybe deep striking), a large sqaud of Grey Knights as a fast attack choice (both of these fluff wise allows them to teleport to trouble spots if the experiment goes wrong).
    Then a couple of smaller Grey Knight troops choices to be on the ground to observe the action and assist if needed.

    Let me know what you think.

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    The new blood angels may be what you are looking for - the exorcist space marines were meant to be more aggressive than regular codex marines.

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