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Thread: new heavy idea

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    new heavy idea

    So ive been thinking about our dreadnought, and i wanna change it! I want to give DH a special case dreadnought not similar to varient dreadnoughts from other codex. So my idea is to give the crippled GK a walker somewhat like the penitant engines of the WH but equip it with dreadnought class weaponary.I was thinking that it would be about 100 pts. heavy choice. I was thinking that it come equiped with a heavy bolter and dual close combat weapons. I was thinking that it should have armour 12,11,11. and as a negative i should have a deepstrike requirement to represent how few these things are. So it must be placed in reserves and deepstriked. As for upgrades i thought that the heavy bolter can be upgraded and one of the close combat weapons can be upgraded. what upgrades im not sure but i was thinking it would be similar to the SM dreadnought upgrades for its left and right arm respectively. also i thought that it should have an upgrade that lets in be placed on the table first turn. i dont think it should have GK sp rules though. so thats my idea, and i havent worked on it much fluff wise so any thoughts upon this idea is appreciated.

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    first off, the penitent engine already has dreadnought class weaponry. It is equipped with two dreadnought close combat weapons.

    Secondly, I'm pretty sure you cannot equip three weapons on a dreadnought, its either dual close combat weapons or one cc weapon and the heavy bolter. Only smaller (special) weapons such as the flamer, heavy flamer, and storm bolter can be mounted on the same arm as a cc weapon. I dont use dreadnoughts so i could be wrong but from what i know thats how it works.

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