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    Noob returning player, looking for any help with army!

    Hi there.

    So I have returned to warhammer, after about 6 years of not playing. I bought all my models when i was a kid (about 13?) so I didn't really know what were the best options of marines to buy, plus the fact i've acquired many different models from friends.

    So basically, if I can state which models i have, and basic questions about them, and any advice on shaping up the army would help. The points i've calculated were about 1100-1300 i believe. Note, i also have the old space marine codex, the one that says reprinted in 2002.


    Librarian in terminator armour
    Captain or commander or leader? i have no clue which one of the heroes, my hero is. He has a storm bolter(or pistol), power sword in his left hand, aiming at a 45 degree angle from the ground and a cape lol
    commander tigarus - no clue how i got this guy

    normal dreadnought
    terminator sergeant with power sword, assault rifle chain fist, heavy flamer, thunder hammer

    Transport: rhino tank

    fast attack: 1 attack bike, 1 small space marine biker, landspeeder

    troops: 5 scouts, counted 40 normal bolters - 2 missile launchers and flamers in there
    devastators with plasma cannon, heavy flamer
    tech marine

    ok i think thats it, any help would be great!

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    Well you're using the 3rd ed codex, we've now got a 5th edition - if you've got people to play with, I'd pick it up and have a read (same with the new minirulebook). Once you've got that you'll have a lot more questions! lol
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    Yep, 5th ed rulebook and new SM Codex would be most useful, nay, essential.

    I'd highly recommend Assault on Black Reach. You get a mini-rulebook, 10 more marines, 1 Dread, 1 Captain, 5 Terminators, and a bunch of Orks all for a good cost. Barter off the Orks and you'll have a good start.
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