~So, with my new Blood Angels book laying in my lap, collecting a small puddle of drool, I have now thought to myself, how am I going to craft some of these handsome little fellas?
-First off, the Blood Talons. I very much like the Talons on the Death Company Dread picture, but I don't know how they did them. And boy will I need them.
-How are people going to be making their Magna Grapples? I've thought a few things through, such as getting a missile launcher and putting a small three-pronged fishing hook in it to show it.
-The Frag Cannons! I haven't thought much on these yet, but I'm sure there's some good ideas out there.
-And last but not least, The Force Weapons for the Lib. Dreads. No idea, perhaps a big sword with the hand dread arm?

Thank you very much gentlemen, good night, and good luck.