Alright everyone i have yet another conversion idea up my sleeve and i already have the pieces to start putting one together. I will be taking a Standard Vendetta/Valkyrie Model and placing a leman russ turret or a predator turret underneath the front part of the nose and either using/or attaching a Punisher Gatling turret to it to represent a Heavy Gunship much like the United States A-10 Warthog. Also in place of the rocket pods and/or lascannons i will be placing two engines from some spare model aircraft that i will be using to say that the added engines allow it to carry the extra weight and heavier cannon. The hull mounted Heavy Bolter can be easily converted onto either the Lascannon or Multilaser and if i add side sponser heavy bolters i will just say they are all fired from the hull mount (aka 9 shot heavy bolter).

Now for the rules spectrum of this due to it is a flyer it will be more visible to the enemy but if anyone has any complaints on the gun being up so high no need to worry. When mesuring it because of the turret being underneath the hull of the valkyrie it is roughly the same height as a turret would be on a standard tank give or take a few centimeters. Also i will be using the statistics of a Leman Russ Punisher for this model. Overall i think this will be a cool idea and legal in both fun and GT tournaments. Tell me what yall think and thanks for reading mates!

Here is a picture of an A-10 Warthog:

The A-10 Warthogs Gatling Cannon:

And here is a video clip of the A-10 Warthogs Cannon firing: (I think it represents the Punisher Cannon well)