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    Scout Sentinels and HKMs

    I've been tinkering around with my IG list for a while now, and as I have 2 Sentinels from the two battle boxes I, want to make use of them. I've decided that Autocannons on Scout Sentinels are the best option as I'm likely to have side or even rear armour shots when they come on the board, and 2 shots each make them more reliable when compared to their lascannon counterparts.

    I was considering the option of giving them Hunter Killer Missiles so that they can truely have a "shock and awe" arrival onto the board (it also allows me to fire 2 HKMs from one side to another if the oportunity presents itself, or the dice curse me). I've considered the Scout Sentinel as a one hit wonder, so the option of adding 50% more firepower for 25% the cost intrigues me. Has anyone had success with a layout similar to this?

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    Scout sentinels with autocannons and HKMs are arguably the best weapons loadout for the points.

    Their targets should be side or rear armour of vehicles, so generally AV10-11, with 12 as the max.

    Against AV 10-12 the autocannon outpreforms a missile launcher.

    Against AV10-11 the autocannon outpreforms the lascannon.

    Since your target should be AV10-11 take the lascannon, sentinels are likely to only get 1-2 shooting phases so adding the HKM is generally considered a good idea.

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