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    Ok, i been playin as nids for the past year, while my Sons of Russ have been gatherin dust in a Carrycase, now my Spacewolves army consists of allot of bloodclaws, infact my main tactic was to throw as many bloodclaws as possible at my opponents
    Some would rhino rush (can't do no more) others would use bikes, while Big packs of 15 bc would walk up the battlefield, my greyhunters pack that i had to take would take up a defensive postition and support where they were needed.

    now with rhino rush beeing a thing of the past, and with enemy ordinance beeing allot more Accurate and deadly, im wondering what the Sons of Russ are going to have to do to win a game?

    Any advice from the veteran Spacewolf players would be helpfull, as i am considering returning to the old halls of the fang and kicking ass in the name of Russ.

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    Fourth Ed. really didn't make that much difference that I noticed. The key to winning is the use of combined forces. You can't ever let your opponent concentrate his firepower on any one section of your army. Rhino rush still works, but you have to account for the added time it takes to engage the enemy.

    To survive you have to distract the enemy. Since Wolves aren't all that great on heavy firepower I usually use fast attack units. If the enemy is taking casualties from speeders or bikes they are less likely to focus on destroying the assault units which haven't hurt them yet. (Their mistake) Once the assault units strike it's too late.

    For example, I'll move two units of attack bikes along the flank, shooting a couple heavy bolters and a number of twin linked bolters into their forces. If you can concentrate all of the shots one one weaker unit and take it out, it will really make the bikes seem like a high threat. I will also get in a couple of shots from a Venerable dread armed with las/plas and missiles. If the game's a higher point one, there are also shots from Predator(s) and a Whirlwind and maybe another tank hunting unit of attack bikes. All of these things cause the enemy to take casualties. Since they're threatend by these units and hurting, they tend to fight back against them. They don't realize the damage inflicted by them is minimal compared to the full on assault of a Blood Claw or Grey Hunter unit. They will wipe out an entire tough unit on the assault.

    Meanwhile the infantry units advance in Rhinos (on foot if you prefer) with Storm Caller and smoke for additional cover. They don't cause any casualties so the enemy tends to think they'll deal with them later. After one or two rounds of fighting the distractors, the assault units drop the axe. Its usually about this time that my Wolf Scouts show up in his rear ranks and take out at least one heavy unit the enemy was protecting on arrival. Panic starts and victory follows.

    My force usually consists of a varation on this:

    HQ: V. Dread and Rune Priest
    Elite: Scouts
    FA: Attack Bikes
    Troops: As many as possible. I have low point HQs no expensive WG, BC bikes, or Long Fangs so I can get more troops. I like to use Rhinos but you loose troop numbers if you do.
    Heavy: Predator More than one pred, plus whirlwind if points are high

    Other players love Long Fangs and BC bikes, so that's your choice.

    The only Wolf Guard I ever get is one for the scouts to power up the pack, except when I want to have fun with a HQ and 7 WG in termie armor in a Crusader. Great waste of points but it can be very entertaining, especially when tooled up. Its usually an all-or-nothing with that unit.

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