This is about the Feral Hunters chapter that I have created, whose I am designing to play like a synergy of Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Black Templars, my favorite chapters They are also based on the Celts. I'll continue adding on to it as I right it.

Feral Hunters

Created in the 23rd founding, the Feral Hunters started off like many other chapters. But, a plague of gene-seed corruption swept through the chapters of the founding, and the bravado and confidence of the Hunters convinced them they were strong enough to resist. They paid for their arrogance with their Chapter master's life. The Apothecaries and Librarians of the chapter began tireless work to halt the corruption, taxing their skills and resources to the limit. The corruption was halted, but the Feral Hunters had changed forever. Psyker's and genes from other chapters had yielded this result, and unexpected ones. The members of the chapter developed an ability to understand animals, and communicate with them through body language and behaviors. Once promoted to sergeant, they may bond with a creature of their choosing. The senses of the battle-brothers were sharpened, even above those of normal space marines. A new Chapter master was selected, and Caratacos Elisedd, former leader of the first company, or Pride, assumed command to lead the chapter into it's uncertain future. Caratacos was a powerful psyker, and decreed that since the plague was stopped through psyker genes, the Prides should be lead only by psykers, in case the corruption ever re-emerges. They decided to adopt a structure much like that of the Space Wolves or Black Templars, with the Prides crusading through space in the Emperor's name.
Fortress in the Sky
The Feral Hunters are based around the gas giant, Toutatis. Their fortress monastery, Dun Belatucadros, meaning 'Fortress of the War God' in the languages of the native humans on Toutatis's moons. Dun Belatucadros floats on a layer of Sulpher Hexaflouride, a gas 6 times more dense than air, a stony island placed on the gas giant by the Adeptus Mechanicus. The wonders of the Mechanicus's technology equalized the gravity around the fortress, preventing the floating island from being crushed or pulled deeper into the gas giant's mass. The rocky fortress has many crags and crevices, and each bristles with gun batteries. Deep in the bowels of Dun Belatucadros, Caratacos himself sits, leading the chapter and Toutatis and it's 10 moons. The 10 Alphas will meet here on request of the Grand Alpha, the title held by the chapter master. When ever a new Alpha is to be chosen, all the crusading fleets return to the Toutatis system, rallying the numbers of around 6,000 Feral Hunters scattered across mankinds space to Dun Belatucadros.

Each company is based on one of the moons of Toutatis. On Each of these moons, new recruits are trained and the baroque machines of war are built and repaired. At any one time, a tenth of each Prides forces lie in the Toutatis system, resupplying, re-equipping and replenishing their numbers before rejoining the crusading Pride fleets. They have styled their crusades after the Black Templars, recruiting from their crusades, as well as from the Toutatis system. The system is well proctected by the Hunter's forces as well as a regiment of Imperial Guard. Toutatis's largest moon, Gybolg is also a populous Forge World, churning out weapons and automated defense platforms, making the system almost impregnable to anything besides a full-scale invasion.
The 10 roving Pride fleets led by each Alpha. Each numbers around 600 warriors crusading around the galaxy in large fleets, each Pride leaving a tenth of their troops in the Toutatis system. Only the call of the Grand Alpha will bring them back from the righteous adventures.

Battles of the Feral Hunters

721.M41- The 2nd Pride, under the Command of Aeodh Drust, was tasked with the liberating of the Exodite world of Hann. The Eldar were indeed surprised when their dragon herds turneed on them as Thunderhawk Gunships tore from the sky.

852.M41- Waaagh! Throatrippa tore out of the warp not 50 lightyears from Toutatis, needless to say, the Feral Hunters prepared for war. The 1st, 2nd, and 5th pride fleets cut into the Orkish fleet like hot knives through butter, soon reaching the Space Hulk in the center. As the Orks regrouped, the 8th and 3rd Prides appeared, trapping half the Orkish fleet between rows of Space Marine battle barges and destroyers. The Waaagh! was crippled, and the Feral Hunters boarded the Hulk, and marines and beasts soon beat Orks back along the corridors. As the Orks fought tooth and nail for every inch, the Hunter's planted melta bombs to tear apart the hulk apart. They then stole the prized possession of Warlord Throatrippa, a mighty squiggoth, and presented it to Caratacos.

910. M41- An Feral Orkish horde appeared on the planet Apothi, where Waaagh! Throatrippa began, and the 1st Pride immediately raced to the planet to try to finish the greenskins off outright. Apothi was not explored much after its reclaiming in the Great Crusades, and the Emperor had built a massive pyramid like structure, whose holy ground the men of Apothi dared not to tread. As the 1st Pride landed, they were ambushed, and they forced the 1st Pride away from their vehicles before the marines could man them. The Orks kept attacking day and night, and the 1st Pride was forced back to the Emperor's pyramid, where in one of the attacks, more Orks than ever arrived, and the Alpha was killed by the Orkish Leader, who called himself Gorefist. The 1st Pride fell back into the Temple, and without their leader, they were disorganized. Even though they knew no fear, they doubted if they could win the battle. The Orkish blitzkrieg had not allowed the Marines a moment to prepare themselves, and even though they took hundereds of Orks down, they were trapped like rats. In the center of the pyramid, was a sword, with a red blade, and a golden hilt. As the Orks attempted to batter down the door, a sergeant strode to the center of the room. This sergeant, Bohdran Aehr, a psyker, gripped the hilt of the sword, and took it off of the pedestal it was placed on. The swords blade burst aflame, and Bohdran took command. He organized the Marines, and as soon as the door opened, Orks were mowed down by organized fire. Devastator squads forced the ferocious greenskins away from the door, and an infantry charge turned the Orkish retreat into a slaughter. Bohdran charged at Gorefist, and slashed off the warlord's arm, which had a powerfist the ork had stolen from the Alpha. Bohdran then tore the greenskin to pieces with the fury of his mind. The 1st Pride soon claimed the planet, and Bohdran was chosen as the new Alpha upon their return to Toutatis.

912.M41- the Night Lords began an attempt to gain a hold in the Galactic south, and the 1st Pride quickly responded. A Night Lords fleet and the First Pride clashed over a contested planet. The naval battle stretched on for hours, and neither side could gain the upper hand. Bohdran called together a squad of a dozen terminator armoured veterans, and took a Thunderhawk in a dangerous mission to board the Night Lord flagship. The ship stopped firing as the Thunderhawk screamed into the hangar. For 3 hours, the battle raged around that ship, the Hunter's attack redoubled by their Alpha's fearlessness. The Thunderhawk appeared, tearing out of the hangar as a meltabomb in the flagships plasma generators detoanted and robbed the ship of all power. Bohdran and the 9 surviving terminators landed in their home ship, and the shieldless flagship was swiftly annhilated by the guns of the 1st Prides Fleet.

962.M41- The battle for the Planet Tethys was long and hard for the Feral Hunters. The Tyranid invaders only seemed to multiply in numbers, and their Hive Fleet could only be delayed by the 3rd Pride. The defenders continued to lose ground, and were eventually pushed to a small mountain, where they fought for a week against the Great Devourer. They slowly retreated up the mountain, refusing to give up until the last possible moment. The Feral Hunters began to evacuate, the Alpha, Byrne, insisting that his men be safe before him. When the last squad filed onto a Thunderhawk, a new attack began. Byrne ordered his men go, and sacrificed himself. He fought until his storm bolter was empty, and only his thunder hammer could be seen swinging through the melee. Byrne was impaled on the tusk of a Carnifex, and with his dying breath, he ordered exterminatus. As a barrage of cyclonic torpedoes destroyed the planet, the Feral Hunters left, leaving a fifth of the 3rd Pride dead on the Planet.