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    2500-Super Elite SW army-Just for kicks

    Never made a space wolf list before, but wanted to play a terminator heavy (not all terminator mind you) list and find death wing boring. Don't play in tournaments much, mainly for fun (and the occasional bet)

    Logan Grimnar

    10 Wolf Guard
    Terminator Armor (all), 2 w/cyclone missile launcher, 2 w/frost blades and combi-melta, 2 w/chainfists and storm bolters, 3 w/storm shields and power weapons

    Wolf Lord
    Terminator Armor, 2x thunder hammers, Saga of the Bear
    Pretty much the reason I'm building this list, I really want to make this model

    10 Wolf Guard
    Arjc Rockfist, Terminator Armor (all), 2 cylcone missile launchers, 3 w/storm shield and power weapon, 2 w/chainfists and combi-meltas, 2 w/combi-meltas and frost blade

    5 Wolf Guard
    Termie Armor (all), cyclone missile launcher, 5 combi-meltas, 2 chainfists
    Drop Pod

    Lone Wolf
    termie armor, 2x wolf claws

    Wolf Scout pack x7
    mark of the wulfen, melta, 2 power weapons

    Wolf Scout Pack x5
    mark of the wulfen, melta bombs, melta

    Long Fangs (5 w/ leader)
    3 missile launchers, 2 lascannons, leader w/meltagun
    Drop Pod

    2500 points on the dot. Logan and a cyclone missile launcher land in the drop pod first turn and stuff up. The Terminator squads I may actually play them as 5 man squads but I just put them all together for convience in list making. This list is not mobile at all really, once things are committed they're stuck. Thats why I'm hoping all the cyclones will help with transport killing and the wolf scouts can get stuiff camped at the very back board edge-it'll take me too long to reach it otherwise besides the drop pods.

    So does this list have any chance? I think it'll be a lot of fun.

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    It should be a blast to play this list.

    I'd definetely consider including Ragnar Blackmane on it. He is a _monster_ in CC.

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    Wow, that is super-elite, but I like Slobulous' 2500 Ultra-Godlike Super-Elite Thunderwolf Army of Melee Destruction better.
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