Robes or Tabards? (Dark Angels or Black Templars dilemma) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Robes or Tabards? (Dark Angels or Black Templars dilemma)

    In case it isn't obvious enough, I'm choosing either the Dark Angels or Black Templars as my new SM force. However, I'm not particularly fond of the current DA codex, being the competitive player I am; so If I go with them, I'd use Codex SM. If I go with the Templars, I don't have an issue using their Codex, however. So it's pretty much just a case of Codex SM vs C:BT game-wise.

    Modeling/hobby-wise, I like the looks of both. The DAs are very monastic, donning robes and hoods, which give them a mysterious, or dark look; true to their namesake. I always think of old chapels and gothic architecture when I think of them. As far as BTs go, they're also very reminescent of the mediveal era, sporting tabards and crosses. They're obviosuly based on orders like the Knights Templar so I like their crusading theme and fluff.
    One distinction I've made between the two is that DAs seem to be rather minimalistic with their bone-colored robes, while BTs are ornate and flashy with purity seals, crosses, chains, etc. Maybe it's just me.

    All in all, I'd like some comparisons between Codex SM and C:BT, as I play pretty competitivley; as well as any suggestions you guys might have. Thanks in advance!

    Additionally, the new Blood Angels sound fun to play! I might look into them as well.

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