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    Help vs Tyranids

    I'm playing against the Tyranids this weekend and would like some general pointers as i haven't played them since the new codex. I play a fairly mech heavy Vanilla list;

    Captain on Bike with RB
    Melta Bike Squad
    2 Vindicators
    Dakka Pred
    2 Tactical Squads in Rhinos
    4 Landspeeder Typhoons
    Telion Scout Squad

    I don't really know what he is going to field, although i know he does field a Doom. Any advice will be appreciated!

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    -You can instant kill the Doom now that Synapse does not protect from instant death so, that is always a good way to get ride of him quickly. Also he only has a 24" range so you should be able to take him out before he does too much damage, unless your opponent pods him.

    -If he fields warriors they have 3wounds each, but are also only T4 so can be instant killed.

    -If he fields a Tervigon he will most likely have the catalyst special ability which can grant units Feel No Pain. You will want to take this Monstrous Creature out because his ability to grant FNP and he can spawn more termagants that gain all his biomorphs (possibly poisoned weapons and furious charge).

    - You will want to focus fire the Monstrous creatures and not spread the wounds around too much. You can get regeneration on all of the monstrous creatures and the Hive Tyrant has a psychic ability to gain wounds while killing enemies (Leech Essence).

    - Watch out for Hive Guard with all your vehicles. They have str. 8 guns that don't require LOS. Their +4 save makes them pretty vulnerable though.

    - Stick it out in cover if you can't avoid CC. The only unit that can carry grenades for the tyranids now are Lictors otherwise you will always be going first.

    So basically kill the Monstrous Creatures and Synapse first and the little ones won't be too difficult to handle.

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    Solid advice above. You have some great mobile firepower though, use it. Kill his shooters and fast bugs, than whittle him down as he tries to Fleet into range. By the time he does, you'll be well on your way to the win. Use the Captain to finish off MCs before they can Regen, Burrow, anything like that.

    Make sure you know what units do what when they're outside of Synapse and play on that.

    The losing protection from Insta-Death was a big blow, can't be stated enough. Abuse it forwards and backwards.
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    Four landspeeder typhoons and you still need advice!!! Well I'll do my best then.

    Use your rhinos as effectively as possible. You may keep your tactical squads out of these for the first turn or two but make sure that they are embarked at all costs when the tyranids finally reach you, and it almost goes without saying but keep a distance.

    After that it pretty much all comes down to target priority, mainly for those typhoons of yours:
    -The doom of malantai, never underestimate this guy. You're going to want him off the table before he can do any real damage.
    -Hive tyrants. Not only will these tear through units of yours in combat, but they will also heal themselves and worst of all impair your units from killing his. When you kill this guy make sure you do it in one turn as leech essence and regeneration can be infinately annoying.
    -Zoanthropes, powerful psykers, synapse creatures, and cheap. I would reccomend using your tactical squads for this as if memory serves they have a 3++ save.
    - Hive guard, strength 8 weaponry that doesn't require line of sight... Not a fun experience.
    -Genestealers, these guys will chew right through any of your infantry if they get too close.
    - Tyranid warriors, breaking the synapse chain is way too useful.
    - The mawloc, I would have been tempted to put the trygon here, but with your army's speed the trygon may not be able to have a huge impact, even with deep strike.

    Other than that I would just worry about the threat that seems the most imminent. Break the synapse web and keep your cool. Best of luck
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