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Thread: Adversaries

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    I was looking over the adversaries rules after the unit entries. I think it would be awesome to have 1000 or 1500 points of adversaries to compliment my sisters. I was thinking that as part of my tournament group I could offer them to my opponent to play with (1000 of his armies points with 500 or mine for a 1.5k game to add some variety if they like).

    Just a few questions:
    1. Would it be possible to have an army made up of only adversaries? While it might not be that great an army to work with (little in the way of superior combat ability, except maybe Pontifex guard, shooting, only traitors with BS3, next to no tanks, only rhinos and chimeras, nothing with great armour saves either, best is 4+ invulnerable on Pontifex and Cardinal) I think that it would be really themed.

    2. Would a Rogue Psyker with a familiar be able to use the same psychic power twice a turn or must it be two different psychic powers a turn? I just think that doing Puppet Dance twice a turn would be awesome

    3. What do you think would be the best psychic powers for the rogue psyker?

    I'm thinking of having in 1000 points:
    Rogue Psyker with Puppet Dance (40)
    Apostate Cardinal with 5 Pontifex Guard (215)
    24 Mutants with a Mutant Boss, Bloated (+3) and 2 Flamers (280)
    2 x 5 Traitors with Mortars (55 x 2 = 110)
    2 x 5 Traitors with Lascannons (60 x 2 = 120)
    10 Traitors with Agitator, Autocannon, Heavy Stubber (115)
    10 Traitors with Agitator, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Stubber (110)
    The units of 10 hold objectives, stand still and blast away. Opted for weapons with higher rates of fire to minimise misses with BS3. The 4 groups of 5 could be mixed up to have a mortar and a lascannon in combination or lascannons and mortars seperate to one another. Likely to be placed in groups for support, though individually would force the opponent to split their fire and army. Rogue Psyker (could he hide with the mutants?) , Cardinal and Guard and the Mutants move forward to engage (T4 and 4+ saves should wear them down).

    Be kind because I pretty much made that up on the spot...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannibal_God View Post
    1. Would it be possible to have an army made up of only adversaries?
    They arn't normally considered to be compulsory choices (as they are supposed to be additions to another force).
    Still i'm not sure most people would mind if you asked them, traitors arn't exactly fightningly overpowered.

    A alternative would be to play a radical WH force with the adversaries units - take an inquisitor and rogue psyker as your HQs, two units of stormies, and fill the rest out with mutants, traitors, death cultists, and ecclesiarchy units.
    (again not a tournament valid force, but a different take on the radical list)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cannibal_God View Post
    2. Would a Rogue Psyker with a familiar be able to use the same psychic power twice a turn or must it be two different psychic powers a turn?
    Probably not. The wording indicates that using a power is instead of shooting/assaulting for the phase. So they'd be able to use puppet dance and one of the other two shooting powers if they took a familiar.

    Generally I think people will be fine with you playing the traitors, but I expect less players to be happy about having 500 points of inferior guard hoisted upon them - I mean traitors can't even take transports without becoming non scoring.

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    the codex that these guys come from is "the eye of terror" right? or atleast that where you can find the actually army codex with traitors. personally i think that playing radicals with the adversaries army rules is a cool idea A.T. and i think ill try it with my DH force.

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