So, our Scouts no longer have Furious Charge standard. That really kinda nuked the way that I used my squad in the past. Used to be I could infiltrate a small squad of Scouts kitted with a pistol/ccw and a power weapon on the Sarge and rip up some shooty infantry or squishier targets pretty handily. Now, they just don't lack the punch and their fragile enough to not stay up for long with only I4 attacks.

They weren't the strongest squad, but for less than 100pts they could serve as a major distraction.

Now I've got 5 of the old pewter bad boys and I spent *faaaar* too much time painting them (and I don't like painting to begin with) to not use them. But without that small offensive punch, I'm just not sure how to go about using them since I'm not about to convert pewter guys that are already painted up nicely and varnished.

I'm thinking about shying away from the Infiltration role and use them as an Outflanking unit. As Infiltrators they just seem to get themselves stranded and torn apart because a 5-man squad of scouts that can't innately raise their Initiative don't stand much chance even against full squads of line-infantry.

I feel with Outflanking I'll be able to use them as a support unit, or based upon the ebb-and-flow of the game I might be able to sneak in and run to an objective later in the game (which against slower armies they might not be able to react to me in time to contest or shoot me up if I can find cover). In that capacity though their assault virtues are somewhat wasted. They'd be *decent* counter-charge unit I guess, but still not all that effective.

I'm looking for opinions on assaulty Scout squads and how people choose to deploy them and what function they like to have them take in an army?