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Thread: 3x Baal preds!

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    3x Baal preds!

    I am a new BA player and I intend to use 3xbaal preds in my army.

    I have a question how to equip them. TL-AC or flamestorm? I have been thinking 2x TL-AC and 1x FS or all out Flamestorm! I like the idea of three very fast and very big flamethrowers!

    They mainstay of my army is RAZ squads (5man assault squads with priests in razorbacks) which can be kittet to take out armour. So AA is not the biggest priority!

    But what does the forum think? What are your experiences on the battlefield?

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    You have the same idea as I do for a BA army with 3 Baals. I would suggest you check out the 3rd-list I made in my Army List thread: http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...rney-list.html. Its about as efficient and "all-comers" as possible.

    But back to your question. The Flamestorm is AMAZING at taking out MEQs and units in cover, but it's short range puts it in danger of fists/MC's/etc. The TL-AC is one of the most "efficient" weapons we have in our BA arsenal, it also has the benefit of a slight increase in range.

    But I think your prospect of mixing them up isn't the best idea. By mixing them up, you change the range of your units, but also the prioriety of units your enemy goes after. If you only take 1 Flamestorm, your oppenent has a better chance to melta you to death because it would be the only target in his face, so to speak. Where if you have multiples in his face they will have to seperate their fire and will less likely take out all of your vehicles.

    Me personally I prefer the TL-AC just for the versatility and range, it "can" take out just about anything you throw at it. But you can always do what I did and Ebay 3 Baal turrets. So now I can semi-tailor my list to my enemy and change up between TL-AC or Flamestorms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azraell View Post
    But you can always do what I did and Ebay 3 Baal turrets. So now I can semi-tailor my list to my enemy and change up between TL-AC or Flamestorms.
    Cha-ching! I'm a big proponent of modability, leaving attachable parts (IE Turrets) unglued, or magnetizing weapons into their sponsons / turret slots, etc.. Why glue it down and be stuck with one kit out, when you can completely customize your armaments before each battle? Even the turrets for Razorbacks, leave those unglued so you have the option of fielding a Rhino, should you ever desire.

    Assault cannons are nasty, I know from experience on the receiving end. Twin link them, and they make for a solid weapon you can't go wrong with! They're good at thinning out hordes, rending MEQs and TEQs, popping transports, and can even threaten heavier vehicles. To top it off, due to the volume of accurate firepower, they have a 19.75% chance of achieving a single glancing hit and a 19.75% chance of achieving a single penetrating hit against a Land Raider (or any AV14) for a total of 39.5% chance to inflict any damage. Compared to a Lascannon which has an 11.11% chance to inflict either.. its even better at popping Heavies. Heck, even a TL-LC has a 14.81% chance at either, since we're comparing it to a TL-AsC. Flamestorm on the other hand.. can't do any of that, except threaten MEQ in cover. It's a bit too expensive to be considered efficient at thinning hordes in cover though.

    My vote, 90% of the time, goes to TL-AsC. Save the Flamestorms for LRRs who get much more than just a super flame template for the points.

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