need help BA vs Ork Can Wall - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    need help BA vs Ork Can Wall

    Hey guys, I'm in serious trouble here. I'll be playing against a professor at my local college within the next 2 weeks and he runs a kan wall which i have very little experience with.

    my list as is at 1500pts
    2 assualt squad, flamer, meltagun, powerfist, +5 men
    assualt squad, flamer, meltagun, +5 men
    scout squad
    2 sanguinary priest, jump pack
    baal pred with firestorm
    2 predator with side las cannons

    Please note that I cant change my list anymore and we are going to be playing on a 4x4 board.

    What i know he is running are;
    Big mek (maybe 2)
    2 wagons

    As of right now, he's the top player in our store.

    My initial plan was to deepstrike with Dante with an assualt squad, as he doesnt scatter and either burn the lootas or kill the wagon, but then he would get charged and possibly wipe. I was also thinking of outflanking withe the baal.

    Any help strategy is much appreciated.

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    Off the top of my head? You're going to need a lot more ranged anti-tank. 3 AC/LC predators and some baals with TLACs will do a decent job of this. The flamestorm cannon is massively inefficient against orks, any marine with a normal flamer will do just as good a job. Dante's a little overpriced for a 1500 game, I'd suggest dropping him for a cheaper HQ. Seth comes to mind, for his S8 ability to pick out individual models in CC. Instant death against some scary Orks, if you can get him in base contact with the bad ones.

    Go with double flamers on the assault squads, and consider dropping the scout squad for a mechanised assault squad. This would give you a very solid squad of objective sitters, and let you use the jump pack teams as reaction forces.

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