Greetings Fellow Gamers,
I know it will be a glong time before the Black Templars get a new codex, but a friend of mine and I were looking at things that we would like to change, and we had a couple ideas.

I wanted to run them by the community in general to see what your opinions are.

Take "Righteous Zeal" away from Black Templars. (This is not Blasphemy...I hope)

The Emperor's Champion gets a special 'Coup de Grace' attack. On a roll to wound of '6' he inflicts instant death, regardless of the opponent's toughness
The Emperor's Champion grants access to a Number of Vows

* Righteous Zeal (30points): (Does exactly what it does now)
* Wrath of the Emperor (35 points): Grants "furious charge" to all models subject to Knightly Vows
* Accept Any Challenge (50 points): Grants "Preferred Enemy" to all models subject to Knightly Vows
* Abhor the Witch (30 points): Grants a "scout move" to models subject to Knightly Vows if the opposing army has a psyker. Psychic powers targeting a unit subject to this Vow will be negated on a roll of 5+
* Uphold the Honor of the Emperor: Grants a 6+ invulnerable save to all models subject to Knightly Vows. If the model already has an Inv. Save it is increased by +1 (to a maximum of 3+ invulnerable)

These are just something I think that would be appropriate. I would also like to see Sword Brethren behave in a manner similar to Wolf Guard (A unit of them, or you can break them off to go mentor more junior novtiates.)

What do you think?

Very Respectfully,