A bunch of Space Marine model questions - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    A bunch of Space Marine model questions

    Is Seth's cloak attached to him? I want to do a weapon swap and use him as a TH sergeant but I hate the way capes look.

    Master of Recruits, same question (but PW+infernus not TH), I like the model but don't like the cape.

    I'm doing a bunch of fleshtearer assault marines and I want at least half of them to have bare heads as they often devolve into blood-mad lunatics that rip off their own helmets so they can tear out their enemies throats with their teeth. I was planning on using a mix of the Death Company and Berzerker pieces, I like the vampire heads that come with the berzerkers, but the bare heads that come with the DC have hair that is much too luscious and swirly for a psychotic killing machine. I prefer a more clean cut look, like Seth has. SM codex pg. 112 there's a few yelling sergeants whose heads would be suitable, do these come in the Tac Marine box?

    Anyone have any ideas about where I can find some more good replacement heads? (bald or with short hair and yelling/screaming as they charge forward)

    How much ultramarine iconography is on the 2 tyrannic war veteran with no helmets? (esp the one throwing the grenade) and do they come in multiple pieces or are they solid models?

    Thats all for now thanks in advance.

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    1) Seth's cloak is attached to him.
    2) Same with the Master of Recruits. He is basically a one piece metal model with separate back pack and sword. Personally I think he looks like a BAMF with his cloak.
    3) The Sergeant head does come in the Tac box
    4) The Space Wolves box set has some good yelling/screaming heads in it. The heads range from no hair to borderline "Furry". Other options are 'Zerker's and even some of the Vampire count models from Fantasy.
    5) The Tyrannic War vets have 2-3 Ultramarine Symbols/wargear, but it can easily be taken off with a hobby knife or a file.

    Hope this helped.
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    well im not sure about the 1st 2 questions but if our willing to spend the money my friend bought the raven guard conversion set from forgeworld and he got a few bare heads which are really cool and you'll get some bolters with box mags and 5 Mk6 shoulder pads and everyone loves those so you can use them to add variaty to your squads armor.

    And with the tyrannic war veterans there are only 2 which could be easy to file of the ultramarines iconography if thats what you want to do but by the sounds of what your looking for (bare headed freaks who've ripped their helmets of for more than just fresh air) then only one of them would work the look of a flesh tearers army (the one with the boltgun and butter knife). hope i helped

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