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    Representing an Inquisitor Lord and retinue as 1 model

    Hi guys

    I love the idea of a single powerful inquisitor lord and am interested in incorporating his retinue into the one almighty beast of a model

    I was thinking that:
    For every acolyte (with the same armour save as the inquisitor) I could add a wound and a standard (non power weapon) attack
    For every servo skull I could add a 6+ saved wound and the initiative bonus and another standard (non power weapon) attack
    These would represent me placing the wounds on those other models instead of the inquisitor and if these models are removed it normally doesnt affect the rest of the squad
    For the rest of the henchmen I would just add their special rules (+1 BS, the deep strike thingy etc) but not add any wounds, this would be due to allocating the wounds to the inquisitor and acolytes, removing them instead

    Does this sound reasonable to you guys or does the attempt seem futile? Are there more factors I should be thinking about? Im happy to be told the idea is stupid and a waste of time etc im just trying to see what people think
    Any and all comments are welcome and appreciated


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    The main problem is that the retinue takes up so much physical space, while you will have just one model. So I would not allow that to go against me, just because you are removing actual models from play and using one model which is probably not near the size of the retinue.

    Sorry, but I wouldn't bother pursuing this idea...

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