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    Stormraven questions

    I play in a group that doesn't mind proxies as long as they are reasonable. I really want to try a Stormraven before committing to converting one. And I have some questions about it.

    Would borrowing my brothers Valkyrie/vendetta be a suitable proxy for it?

    Does a dreadnought in rear grapples also get to assault from it?

    When deploying disembarking troops do they have to within 2" of the front and dread 2" from the back?

    Can more than one bloodstrike missile be fired at the same time/target?

    Does each bloodstrike count as a separate weapon for the purposes of weapon destroyed and restrictions on firing? E.g. if the SR moves at cruising speed and fires its assault cannon can it use the PotMS to fire multiple bloodtsrike missiles or just one? Also if a weapon destroyed is rolled can my opponent choose to remove all bloodstrike missiles as one weapon destroyed result?

    Is a model planned to be released for this or has it already and I don't know bout it?

    and lastly but perhaps most importantly, whats the best tactic. I was planning to run death company and a DC dread with it but am scared at the sheer cost of points all in one unit.

    Any help with these questions would be appreciated.

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    When disembarking they are placed from the base, which would most likely be similar to the Valk base (when released)so that shouldn't be an issue. It is written in the BA codex as such.
    I am assuming the Dread can disembark and assault, which since it is an assault vehicle is hard for anyone to argue against.
    Bloodstrikes are each 1 weapon for firing and weapon destroyed results.
    All 4 can be fired in one turn assuming you meet the movement or lack thereof requirements for shooting a number of weapons.
    As they are each 1 weapon PotMS can be used to fire one.

    From a cost to effectiveness I see the DC as being the best choice for this transport, with a Reclusiarch or anyone with Liturgies a squad of 8 with a scattering of power weapons should destroy pretty much anything with their rerolls to hit and wound on the charge, something that the Raven can almost guarantee if you protect it.
    The DC dread likewise is a personal favourite thanks to its "None Can Stay My Wrath" rule.

    The points is of course an issue, and its only AV12 which does despite its resistance to meltas make it easier to torrent of fire out of the sky.
    I've been trying to figure out a list to use them effectively, and have yet to come up with an answer, the problem I'm seeing is the fact that they are expensive for AV12 despite the speed and weaponry and transport capacities, and without other fire drawing units you'll need more than one, and as you said they are expensive when you add a squad of guys and a dread.

    On the bright side you are saving the points for use drop pods or a vehicle for the DC and DCD, which would be seen as a substantial discount on the cost of the stormraven if thats how you would otherwise use them.

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