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    Looking to possibly start Salamanders, need advice.

    I'm looking into getting into 40k and I'm looking at Salamanders. I have AoBR and both the Ork and SM codexs. I kinda like the idea of fire and flame throwers, I looked at Orks but their Burnas seemed a little fragile, having to rely on a battlewagon to really be effective. And although Space Marines do not really appeal to me, I am drawn by the green and the blacks with the flames that make Salamanders. I am also drawn to non-horde armies so Salamanders look awesome, I particularly like the Forgeworld additions as well.

    But where do I go from here? Should I build on my space marines from AoBR, file down the arrow on the shoulder pad or replace it all together? The battle force looks good, I know tactical marines in rhinos make the backbone of any Space Marine army, but I'm not sure how useful scouts will be. Assault Marines can fill a role until I get more points in other things. He'stan is a must with his ability to upgrade weapons and still be a bad a--. Thanks for the input guys.

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    The AoBR marines are perfectly usable sources of marines, though they're not very flexible in terms of wargear. When playing as Salamanders, anything heavy on flame/melta weapons is a good bet, although not so much the Fast Attack choices. Scout marines can be effective, but you've got to use them as skirmishers instead of cheaper tactical marines. They're also a fluffy addition to any army list.

    It's hard to go wrong with adding a battleforce or 2 to your list. From there, I suggest considering some Land Speeders and Dreadnoughts. You should also look into a couple Devastators kits, to give you a pair of multimeltas for your tactical squads. (and other heavy weapons options, too) A lot of folks like to use some Assault Terminators with their Salamanders force, but that takes a Land Raider as well to use effectively...and you're looking at something like 500 points on a single unit and it's transport, which is crazy expensive.

    Another options I've been working on personally is to hybrid a Vulcan list with a Bike list - bikes make heavy use of flamer/melta weapons anyways, so they'll synergize well with Vulcan in the list. The only major concern is a ride for Vulcan - either a command squad in a rhino, or 5 man tactical in a razerback is my pick so far.

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