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Thread: Campaign Army

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    Campaign Army

    Hi All,

    Looking to start up a space marine army for an upcoming campaign. Like the look of the Imperial Fists successor chapter : Hammer of Dorn (Black with gold armor) and wanted ideas on a decent 1500pt list that would work in most scenarios.

    I like to either hit the enemy hard and quickly or stand back and just rain down death upon them.

    So want ideas on a nice balance with recommendations for units. Was thinkin of having Lysander/Kantor as the HQ. Two Tactical Squads (not sure on Heavy weaps), assault squad, dread, 2 swauds of term (1 assault/1 norm) and a dread with 2 vindicators.

    Anything to drop/include?

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    Those seem like fairly solid choices overall. I personally would reccomend that you dropped your Terminator Squads and possibly Assault Squad in favour of either more Tactical Marines or some Sternguard Veterans as you seem low on scoring units. With the addition of Bolter Drill to the list with Lysander I would probrably reccomend the Sternguard Veterans as they can pack a rediculously powerful punch and even contend fairly well in long range fire fights. Add in a few transports and you should be good to go.

    If you want any further help with designing the actual list feel free to shoot me a PM and I could go over it for you
    Ask me about the Black and White Space Marine on the Black and White Bike!!!

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