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    True to Fluff SM Army

    So according to the fluff space marines are supposed to be way better individually than they are on the table top (with a handful of marines being able to hold back hundreds of enemies etc. etc. etc.)

    I've seen a couple of threads in various places around the web about sculpting True Scale Space Marines (ie: a good head and shoulders taller than the current models), and I was trying to think of the best way to make a list that would more accurately represent how bad ass space marines really are on an individual level.

    The best I could come up with is a Terminator heavy army (which stat wise are closer to a Fluff Marine) <-(that sounds funny). I also like assault marines so I was thinking of using Sanguinary Guard as Fluffy Assault Marines

    I'm thinking of something like this:

    Dante (whose stats represent a fluff Veteran Assault Sergeant)
    Mephiston (fluff average-ish Librarian)
    Sang Guard (Fluff Assault Marines)
    Termies (Fluff Tactical Marines) with Termie Sang Priest
    Dreadnoughts (Fluff Termies)
    Land Raiders (Fluff Razorbacks)

    Is it possible to make a semi-competitive build out of these units? Anyone else have any alternative suggestions using other marine codexes?

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    Well, back in WD300, they put out a list for Movie Marines. It was a squad of marines that cost 2000 points. With all of the special rules and nonsense, they were pretty broken. They'd look at a tank and it would blow up. You can do a search around the interwebs if you want some more information about it. Being the interwebs, some people were pretty whiney about the rules. But, the rules were made for fun. If you go in knowing that, and agree with your opponent to switch sides after the first game, its even better. It turns in which player can take down more(if any) movie marines.
    I couldn't find the rules online, but I have the issue in my bookshelf somewhere. A year ago, BoLS revamped them for 5e. That might give you something to play with.
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