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    Vanilla Marines vs BA sanguinary guard list.

    PLaying my friend's new army for the first time on Sunday: 1500pts. His army isn't particularly competitive but involves, death company in landraider, dante and sanguinary guard units with meltaguns. His long-range AT is two devestator squads with 3 missile launchers and a lascannon. He also has a Baal predator with flamer options.

    His plan is to pop my transports with devestators and then "kill everything."

    Summary of my current list I'll use against him is (not tailore much, but I had in mind that I would face him when I wrote it):

    Tact squad, mg, pc, pf +rhino
    Tact squad, mg, pc, pf +razorback
    Tact squad, mg, pc, pf +drop pod (they don't deploy in the drop pod, they sit on an objective whilst the pod gets in the way of his long range shooting).
    Dred with assualt cannon (rending) +TL autocannon
    2X2 attack bikes with multimeltas
    3 Vindicators

    Lots of AP2 stuff in there should ignore his save and his FNP. However my main concern is if he manages to use devestators to damage 2 vindicators and hurts 3rd with no scattering Dante Sanguinary Guard squad my list loses a fair bit of firepower.

    Hes a member of this forum so I can't post tactics otherwise he'll know what I'm doing if I try and trick him.

    I need advice on units to take, tactics to stop alpha-strike from DSers and Baal predator (otherwise its one tactical squad possibly dead), and priority targets in his list.

    Also, experiences of playing against Sanguinary Guard lists would be helpful.


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    Your friend's new list sounds similar to the one found at

    1. I'd bring along some Typhoon Land Speeders to deal with the Devastators.

    2. Your on the right track with the bikes ...ack, pun... but your current setup needs work. Always take attack bikes as part of a biker squad, or they get blown to bits. Sergeant has a power fist (maybe melta bombs), two bikers with a meltagun, and a attack bike with a MM. Make the squad large enough for these upgrades, then try to fit in more bikes. Their mission is to pop the LR, then lead the DC around like dogs-on-a-leash. Their speed should keep them far enough away from the DC so not to be charged.
    If your Typhoons are "done" with the Devastators, they can help by shooting the DC piecemeal.

    3. A drop pod doesn't block LoS, since its considered "open" when it lands. You could be a "jerk" and glue the flaps shut, but its just gonna cause a war that no one needs.

    4. Tactical squads are good, but NEVER use a plasma cannon on a 1W model. Take MLs and a meltagun. Your friend isn't using Dreads, so give the Sergeants a power weapon.

    5. You can use the PCs on a Dread with CCW and HF, and maybe have one to bloster your Tactical squads against the DSing Sang/Dante.

    6. This game is gonna be a "slugfest", so I wouldn't take the Librarian. You need a CC god attached to a Honor Guard with every power weapon you can muster. They should hang with the Tactical squad against the DS Snag/Dante.

    7. I'd change at least one Vindi for a "Dakka" Pred or a Las-Pred.

    Pop that Baal as soon as you can. The flame weapons can't reach that far, but it could hit your bikers.

    Sang Guard don't have meltaguns, so I assume you mean Infernus Pistols? Too short of a range for tankbusting, but they can nip your marines in the butt.

    You can throw another squad into the fray with the Devs/LR&DC, but make sure they're carrying power weapons ( not fists ) and some sort of melta weapon.

    Fingers are falling off, so I guess that means I rambled on again. Hehe. Well, I hope you gleaned something useful.
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