I've been playing space marines since i started in the hobby, they're my mainstay army and i will NEVER sell them, but they don't tend to do so well in games, and i'm not sure why. I am (not) a tactical genius, so i shall blame my army list composition skills, or lack thereof.

So here is what i have, any ideas on army composition welcome, lets brainstorm

Librarian w/jump pack
Librarian on foot
Captain/chapter master w/jump pack
Many captains with various weapons

10 Terminators w/2 assault cannons
2 Dreadnoughts with assault cannons and heavy flamers
10 sternguard w/plasmagun (usually arrive in drop pod)

20-30 Marines, 2 have flamers, 2 have missile launchers
10 combat scouts
5 sniper scouts
5 scouts w/ bolters and a heavy bolter

Fast Attack
5 Assault marines /2 plasma pistols and a power fist
5 Bikers w/meltagun, plasmagun, powersword
2 Land speeders, 1/multimelta, 1w/heavy bolter and assault cannon

Heavy Support

2 Rhinos
1 Drop pod

I can hear the buzzards already...