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    Spess Mehrens Tanks.

    I have been wondering. Who drives rhinos, razorbacks, predators and the rest. Is it Space marines? Or maybe space marine initiates? Or regular tank drivers. It would certainly be a bit of a waste if it was an actual space marine. Using a SUPER HYPER ENHANCED ACID SPITTING TANK OF A MAN ... to drive a tank. Plus he would take up a whole lot of it. So is there any fluff which specified which it is?

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    Space Marines, as stated in the codex entry and chronicled here.
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    It's actually a very good use of a Marine. Tank-driving seems like a waste of muscle, but it's actually a pretty complicated team-based task that needs to be done with a lot of precision and training if you want to do it well. The heightened reflexes and superior discipline of a Space Marine Predator crew is what separates BS3 from BS4.
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