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    Combat Squading and Drop Pods

    So I feel like I'm the last person to get this. You can combat squad a unit once they have disembarked from a drop pod? I believe so as I see it allover the boards, but can you do the same disembarking a Rhino? I assume no and that's the reasoning for taking Razorbacks.

    Another question, people say periodically that you get a save from the drop pod. Is this from anything that the unit is obscured from? Or does the pod act like area terrain and the unit in it gains a cover?

    Thanks for the help, need to sort these things out before a friendly tourny all our friends are holding.

    Eternity Guard (SM) W-15/L-5/D-3
    Lizardmen w16/ L1/ d2 :On hiatus since new rules... =/

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    In a game you must choose whether to combat squad or not before you deploy said unit. The ONLY exception to this is using a drop pod, in which case you may choose whether to combat squad when the unit disembarks. This means that you can either choose to not use the Drop Pod and send it in empty and make your normal choice about combat squading (eg, before you actually deploy the unit), decide to combat squad before deploying but choosing to deploy one half and put the other in the drop pod, or keep the whole unit in the drop pod and choose once it hits the table-top.

    The reason that some people take Razor-backs over Rhinos is the additional weaponry that they bring, not for special deployment options. The entire reason that I bring a Razorback is for the extra TL Las cannon.

    And as for cover, it falls under the "true line of site" ruling. You cannot use it as area cover because, with the exception of units embarked in transports, no two units may be placed on the same point of the board. As you cannot re-embark into a drop pod, you cannot be "in it" and claim area terrain.

    Hope that helps!

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    Agreed with papa
    The best you can claim from a DP, if they enemy can actually see your models past the pod, would probably be obscured

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