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Thread: Cherubim

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    Another attempt to get a little activity going :p

    Vehicle upgrade : 1-3 Cherubim (15pts each)

    The Cherubim and vehicle function as a single model, they are not affected by ranged attacks but can be targeted in close combat (see below). If a vehicle is wrecked or destroyed any remaining Cherubim are immediately removed.

    In the shooting phase, provided the vehicle is not in base to base contact with any enemy model, the Cherubim may attempt to repair a single weapon destroyed or immobilized result on any vehicle within 2" (including their own).
    Roll a D6 and add +1 for every Cherubim, if the result is 6 or higher the damage is repaired. Cherubim may only attempt one repair roll per turn.

    The Cherubim will attack models in base to base contact in the assault phase. Enemy models in close combat may choose to direct their attacks against the vehicle or Cherubim separately.

    Cherubim never test for moral and cannot be pinned or forced to fall back. Cherubim cannot make sweeping advances.

    ____________________WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    Cherubim____________ 3 _3 3 3 1 3 1 _8 4+
    Wargear : Close combat weapon and servo arm

    Editor's notes -
    These are stock servitors in most respects and offer a SoB-appropriate alternative to techmarines. Far too expensive to put on every vehicle but one or two scattered around can take care of the occasional weapon destroyed exorcist or immobilized immolator

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    I know what you mean, this place is very quiet of late. Not stopping my winning streak though!

    I like the idea, and it'd help me out with a few games, and I'd definitely try to squeeze one into my army. But I never really got the idea that the SoB were so into the "Machine Spirit" idea as much as either marines or guard. And so I would imagine they're less inclined to focus upon their vehicles as much as other races (coincidence that the gals pull of mechanised quite nicely I guess). It just seemed like they are more interested in burning/melting the enemy rather than their precious tanks, i can't imagine all that many girls are tread-heads compared to the number of guys.
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