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    Starting Imperial Guard - Stuff to build around

    This may need to be moved to the Army list section as i am not sure but i have just started imperial guard and want to create an army list that has a stable core that holds back with some hard hitting flank stuff and was wondering what i should do.

    I have considered a platoon with a couple of leman russes and a manticore along with the company command to hold my home objective, then using stormtroopers/vet squads in chimeras to flank my opponent. Would that be a suitable way to go or do I need to rethink my strategy? Want a list that ideally can take on most opponents in most scenarios.

    Am welcoming ideas, comments, suggested target units etc.

    I currently own
    Battleforce, Heavy Weapons Squad Box, Shock Troops Box and the Leman Russ with the plasma cannon (can interchange weapons on heavies, leman russ and to a certain extent the squads).

    Thanks in advance

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    Start a post in the army list section and pick a point level, 750 or 1000 is a good starting point. Put a list together there so we have a base to go from.

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    The best thing you can do is plan a proper list and then buy to that list. There's nothing worse than buying stuff then realising it doesn't fit with your plans.

    Dunno if you're into podcasts but the 11th company did a massive two-parter about Guard. You might want to have a listen and see if it gives you any ideas:
    The 11th Company
    main IG talk on ep 40 starts at a few mins past the 2hr mark
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