Hi All,

I am looking at modelling and playing with a small skirmish force of Fallen (potentially lead by cyper, house rules depending).

Should I be using the dark angels codex or the chaos codex (due to cyper).

I am torn between using a librarian as Zahariel from Fallen Angels horus heresy book with loads of dark angels vets as the troops or cyper with a bit more of a focus.

I was potentially contemplating using Codex Marines and having a librarian model, 2 x 5man normal squads of tactical marines with some sternguard (using forgeworld heresy armor and bolters) to make them into sternguard using the dark angels upgrade pack to make them fit the fluff.

Could this potentially work as a skirmish force looking for redemption in eyes of the emperor or would I have to make a custom codex style to that fits the fluff but uses the general rules from codex marines (just with Cyper entry).

It is very unlikely the force will get up above around a handful of models as my main army is imperial guard.

What is the general consensus from the marine community.