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    ok i am slightly confused by the whole Demonhunter deal a few questions/statments

    as far as i can tell the idea behind a DH army is having storm troopers named k something as your main troops and having grey knight terminators to do the in close dirty work

    I would apreciate if someone who know alot about the DH could give me a few mins over msn because i think they seem rather neat

    P.S. if one so benevolent was to try i could be IMed at Assault_hippo@hotmail.com


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    I don't use MSN so... tough luck on that one.

    A few things I can tell you though:

    1. By the codex. doesn't cost more then... what... 20$?
    I own multiply codexes even though I only play Daemonhunter. Reason? Fun read, gives background info on alot of happenings and, most important: Know your enemy. Even if you don't go through and buy DH after all, it doesn't mean you won't face them with your army of choice.

    2. Read the tactica pinned on this forum. Can't give mEGALOMANIAC credits enough for that one, really helps the beginners out so we don't have to answer the same questions over and over.

    3. Daemonhunters can have Inqusitorial stormtroopers and Grey knights (in power armor) as troop choices. The usual way is to have IST's as troops and then having grey knights as fast attack (allowing them to teleport). This isn't mandatory though, you can go with only grey knights if you want.

    4. Grey Knights are monsters in close combat. They outrank most other assault marines 2:1 in skill. Downside is that they cost approx 2 times other assault marines too...

    5. Grey Knight terminators are among the best CC terminators out there, with a high strengt power weapon (striking in initiative order). They don't have many good ranged weapons though.

    All in all, you're going to have a few, flashy, hard-hitting models, usually deepstriking instead of riding in rhinos. You could also go radical (may use daemonhosts but no Grey Knights) but that's a different story and not mine to tell.

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