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    How 'bout them Zealots?

    Okay, I have a rough idea of zealots: mob of emperor-loving/crazed lunatics armed with a smattering of eviscerators to deal out cleansing demise to the foes of the Imperium.

    But where are the rules for them? White Dwarf Issue 292 or whatever, doesn't help sadly. Is there a GW link to it (to avoid copyright of course)?

    I know they're probably not great in a mechanised army, but I'm just curious, in case one day I feel like using my Repentia squad I've got lying around somewhere.

    If someone helps you, rep them.
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    IIRC GW took the page down a while back, i'll PM you the rules.

    I've only used them once as support for a 9 penitent karamazov list (his Ld reroll and mandate can really help them). Small squads of arbites running ahead of them for cover against bolters.

    Didn't get to see much of them in combat though as my opponent had written their list after seeing my horde and brought out a whole wave of power-sword wielding berserkers. The penitents just ran out faster than the zealots could follow.

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    ive used them a few times and they can be deadly in CC. I made the mistake of assaulting a vehicle and completely raped it in the tailpipe causing it to explode and kill alot of the zealots.

    If you do take them make sure to include a priest as he can allow you to re-roll failed to-hits

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