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    Senior Member Proiteus's Avatar
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    BA Honor Guard: Valuable Asset Or Wasted Pts?

    I’m currently looking to build a BA jump pack army and I've been posting the lists on forums which is…

    125 Librarian: Jump Pack, Lance & Shield of Sanguinius
    125 Librarian: Jump Pack, Lance & Shield of Sanguinius
    205 - Honor Guard: Jump Packs and 4x Meltaguns

    150 - 2 Sanguinary Priests:
    Jump Packs
    250 - Sanguinary Guard: 2 Inferno Pistols, Banner

    235 - 10 Assault Marines:
    Power Fist, 2 Meltaguns
    235 - 10 Assault Marines: Power Fist, 2 Meltaguns
    230 - 10 Assault Marines: Power Fist, 2 Flamers

    205 - 5 Vanguard Veterans:
    Sergeant with Power Fist, 2x Power Weapons and Jump Packs

    Total Pts: 1750
    Total No: 49
    Kill Pts: 9
    Anyway someone made a interesting comment. Suggesting that I ditch the honor guard for 2 squadrons of multi-melta armed attack bikes, stating that they have greater range higher toughness and if they can use turbo-boost to get from behind solid terrain (or reserve if no where to hide) into FNP range.

    As a guard player I find it hard to see a fault in his suggestion; 205 seems a bit expensive for a squad that won't likely make it one turn after arrival.

    But on the other hand it’s a 3rd FNP bubble and can take most of the punishment it will receive due to it’s 4 Meltaguns. Plus they deep strike with the rest of the army while the bikes waste the first turn with the turbo-boost but last longer.

    So what are your thoughts on Blood Angel Honour Guard, are they a valuable asset or just a waste of pts? And should I replace them with 2X2 attack bikes or something else?

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    Senior Member SkyDog's Avatar
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    I have a unit of honour guard and I can't say anything bad about them.
    The bikes may be able to turbo boost but they have to contend with terrain, jump pack troops can just pass over the top of it without a problem, this more than makes up for the turbo boost advantage.
    seems a bit expensive for a squad that won't likely make it one turn after arrival.
    Not realy, this is just 5 models amongst a mass of assault troops coming across the board and they get FNP, they'll be a lot more survivable than you think.

    Myself I'd recomend you swap the unit of vanguard vets for a second unit of honour guard, they cost the same, have more gear options and get a sang priest included in the unit for no extra cost. The only down side is you loose the "heroic intervention" rule, but if you're willing to do without it then there's no down side.

    They've always been a consistantly strong unit for me, unless the dice gods turn against me they have no problem making back there points with intrest.

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    Senior Member Succinct Bias's Avatar
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    BA Honour Guard are one of my favourite units. I run a 4 x plasma gun unit as support for my assault squads and they always earn their points back. People just don't realise the threat. Plus there is always some unit that you just look at and go "...hell, I don't want to assault that thing". Absolute gold when going up against MCs or light vehicle spam.

    Melta is the obvious choice for most people though, and still very good. Mobility, firepower and a FNP/FC bubble. Whats not to like?

    Vs Attack Bikes...well, the force organisation slots for one thing. Most BA players use their FA slots on Baals or other units. The other is the FNP/FC bubble as you already stated. Pretty much invaluable, especially as the Priest can't be singled out in combat.

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    LO Zealot watchwood's Avatar
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    I'd keep the honour guard, though I'd suggest switching a meltagun for a couple flamers - and spreading them around to maximize the wound allocation shenanigans. The flamers themselves will add a fair bit to their anti-infantry potential, while not massively costing them in terms of anti-tank utility.

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    The Future realitycheque's Avatar
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    I find the honour guard invaluable in large games, and a good replacement to Sang. Priests.

    Cost of SP with JP: 75pts
    Cost of HG with JP: 165pts

    Sure, it's a big jump, but let's look at the advantages:
    5 wounds instead of 2, and effectively immune to Instant Death
    5 times the number of CC attacks or shots fired
    Grail cannot be independantly targetted in CC
    Can take 4 special weapons
    Uses no slots at all, instead of 1 for 3.

    Cannot join other squads
    My Deathwatch Campaign
    Furious Angels: (SM) W22, D1, L9 (BA) W15, D0, L3 | Sentinels of Saphery (HE) W3, D0, L0

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    As with realitycheque, I find the honour guard work very well in almost all point ranges. I include at least 1 in anything from 1500-2000pts. And also take 2 for anything 2000+.

    I like to gear them for a more shooty role, changing the gear depending upon the army im facing. But I switch between 2x Meltaguns + 2x Stormshields, or go with 4x Plasmaguns. If im fighting a very mechanized force I go with the melta loadout, but if im fighting a mixed list or nids I go with the 4x plasma.

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