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    Efficiency of Sky Claws???

    Hi guys!!!

    I want your opinion on SW sky claw pack.I am a space wolves player and I use sky claws very often.I believe that they are really efficient.
    Sky claws are blood claws but with jump pack.Once i decided to compare sky claws and blood claws.Surprisingly sky claws appeared to be more efficient than blood claws are.
    Firstly, we pay 15 points for a BC and 18 points for a SC.
    So 10 men squad of BC is 150 pts while 10 men squad of SC is 180pts, but have you ever seen BC without transport.I think no.That is why you should add rhino to your BC pack.
    With rhino it will be 185 pts.
    Secondly,BC with rhino are 2 kill points while SC are just 1
    Moreover they have jump packs which means that they can deep strike.

    I want to know you opinion on these guys.

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    well, Sky Claws sertainly are not bad. for their points you can indeed get a squad with transport, but the Sky claws have jump packs. deepstrike is good, but i don't use it, you can only charge on turn 3 if you're lucky. though, the annoying part of the unit is that wolf guard can not be added to them, which means they need a wolf priest to make them efficient, and that will take another 125 points at least in the unit, but they do have rerolls to hit. the second bad thing is that the WS and BS of the unit is low for marine standards. 3 is just not good enough, not because you still hit on 4+ but other MEQs will hit on 3+.

    off course, the SK have the +2 attacks on the charge, which makes them very good with the wolf priest, but i think the main reason people don't use them is because for those few points, you can get so much better options in you SW army.

    i do want to make a unit of 10 guys of them with flamers though, just because it's cool to have them and it complete's my SW army. but i think if i do this, i'll make a blood claws army, with landraiders for BC and such, just for the fun of it.

    so my conclusion: they aren't bad for their points costs, but the SW offers a lot of relatively cheap options and the fast attack slots are reserved for the TWC and landspeeders which i also like to use.

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    A group of 10 Skyclaws costs you 180 points. What you get is jump-pack movement and a potential of 40 attacks on an assault... However, and this is the big IF, for the same cost you can get 10 Grey Hunters with bolters, special weapons and mark of Wulffen thrown in. Which is 10 bolt pistol shots, 30+1D6 attacks on an assault and all with better WS and BS.

    Unless you really think you need the jump pack movement you are much better off with grey hunters.
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