The Legion of the Damned - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Legion of the Damned

    In the entire vanilla codex the Legion of the Damned is, for me at least, on of the units that speaks most to my imagination.

    The Damned Legionnaires have invulnerable saves, can fire heavy weapons while on the move and arrive via deep strike.
    All this comes at a price tag, and still I have yet to see a competitive list that incorporates them. I've tried finding a place for them in my lists, but they always come up short. Even in fun lists they appear to be the odd egg and they don't really perform the way you'd expect them. I always start out with a solid core for my army and then I can add to it for fluff or whatever reason while maintaining the synergy of the list. When it comes to these guys, they just don't seem to fit in.

    Has any of you found a way of effectively using them?

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    If they were about 5 points cheaper per model and didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for heavy/assault weapons, then they would be an alright choice. As it is, they are far to overcosted for the support they provide. I mean, 35 points for a heavy flamer is just insane. GW wasn't thinking on that one...
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    They're just too expensive when compared to Sternguard. Base price, okay it's about the same if you give the SG a pod. And the stats are virtually the same. But look at the cost of weapon options!!! It's just ridiculous, why on earth are the special weapons four times the price?! There is nothing they can do better than Sternguard because they have pretty much no offensive power at all while SG get combiweapons for pennies, heavy weapons for very little AND special ammunition!

    In the end you are paying double the points per model for Bolter Marines with an invulnerable save that doesn't even do anything against most weapons. This unit could have been really good, with Heroic Intervention or very cheep Heavy Weapons they could have been like they are in the fluff.

    I suggest asking your opponent if you can use these point costs in friendly games:
    5 Points for Heavy Bolter/Missile Launcher/Special Weaponry, 10 points for any other heavy weapon.
    Heroic Intervention Rule

    That would make them quite a nice little unit, and would fit in with their fluff of appearing and throwing down some nice firepower/joining the melee.

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