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    the blood angels chapter, complete army.

    Hi guys
    Ill b completely honest this is my first ever blog. however i recentley purchased the blood angels codex and saw the picture of the chapter formation om page 16 and this got me thinking, well i say thinking more like obsessing lol, about how cool it would be to own the entire chapter as an army. i know this would b completely unplayable however ive decided to go ahead and try to collect the lot.
    ive been planning and writing down company formats for the last week. although the chart in the codex shows the chapter in a standard formation. ive decided to collect each company as a separate army, but stick to the basic astartes format. what ive decided is the final army will be represented as if it were being deployed during the battle of Baal. which it the only time in the codex that the whole chapter deployed as 1. i havent worked out any points costs yet as im still in the middel of planning.
    ive worked out what i want in the 1st, 6th, 7th 8th, and 10th companies aswell as the "HQ" elements in the chapter and the death company. however im struglling to find a way to define the main battle companies. the thought of creating them in a standard deployment formation in nothing but rhino's seems boring. so what follows is my plans so far. I would love to here any feed back or ideas that would help me get this project moving further. i plan to create the completed army in 18 months as long as my finaces hold out the way they are.

    Chapter Master
    Commander Dante
    15 Honour Guard
    Landraiders (3 mk1 models from forgeworld)
    (or a stormbird conversion)

    Sanguinary Priesthood
    Brother Corbulo
    21 Sanguinary Guards- 9 of these will b asigned a company each
    3 Storm ravens
    1 thunderhawk
    12 rhino's converted into 'ambulances'

    Sanguinary Gaurd
    Brother Sepharan
    6 5man sanguinary gaurd squads- 1 model as a standard bearer
    6 storm ravens- painted gold
    1 stormbird- painted gold

    The Reclusian (Death Company)
    Astorath the Grim
    13 chaplains- 1 in termiator armour attached to the 1st and 1 on a bike attached to the 6th. 4 will remain in the death company and the other 7 will each b assinged a company each.
    8 5 man death company combat squads each with a razorback transport
    4 5 man death company assault squads minus the jump packs in drop pods
    4 5 man death company assault squads in a storm raven each
    5 death company furioso dreadnoughts- 4 in storm Ravens 1 in a drop pod

    The Libarius

    Chief Libarian Mephiston
    25 Libarians- not sure what or where these should go. Do i deploy them as squads of libarians? or attach 2 to each Company including the death company and the Sanguinary gaurds? or even make 1 of the battle companies full of psykics and attach 1 to each squad, maybe the 4th or 5th.

    The 1st company

    company comander in termiinator armour
    5 man honour guard
    Terminator Command sqaud- to include a captain, standard bearer, champion, apothecary, chaplain and librarian in terminator armour will have a landraider cruisader transport
    3 5 man terminator squads- each one to have a landraider
    3 5 man terminator assault squads- again each squad will have a landraider transport
    6 5man stern gaurd veteran squads- each with a landraider
    4 5man vangaurd veterans squads
    4 5man vangaurd veteran squads without jumppacks each squad will have a landraider
    5 furioso dreadnoughts

    2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th companies.

    this is the area im stuck and cant decided. the 2nd and 3rd companies i think may well end up being deployed as normal, ie with their full complement of rhino's although may be with a heavy escort of predators attached to maybe the 2nd. the 3rd will definatley include captain tyco, but maybe as a dreadnought seeing as how he was fatally wounded at the battle of armageddon, and may be thunder hawk or 2. with the 4th i was considering removing the rhino transports and replacing them with storm ravens. as for the 5th the only thing i can think to make it different is to deploy the whole thing in drop pods.but that seems boring. so i was considering adding a libarian to each squad.

    i c each of the battle companies as a separate army each with its own role and im struggling to define there roles.
    the 3 roles ive got rolling around my head is as follows:
    1 armoured
    2 assault
    3 airbourne

    any ideas here will b welcome

    the 6th
    instead of just deploying 10 tactical companies in rhino's or 100 marines on bikes. i see this company as the forward gaurd of the chapter during the campaign, backing up the 10th company when they need it and hitting with lightning speed. so this is what ive come up with.

    space marine captain
    full command squad in a land raider redeemer
    6 10 man tactical squads 4 in a land raider cruisader and the other 2 in landraider redeemers
    30 bikes- 1 will b chaplain and another will be a libarian
    10 attack bikes
    4 predators
    4 baal predators
    4 dreadnoughts

    7th company

    again just like the 6th company i thought it would ne very boring to just stick this company in rhino's or land speeders.
    the commander of this company is the master of the fleet so ive decided that there role is to be that of an airbourne assault company. protecting the flanks or even carrying out blackhawk down type missions. this is a very fast moving company designed to reenforce the lines where needed or keep the enemy at bay.

    MAster of the fleet
    the usual space marine command squad
    7 tactical squads all in storm ravens
    4 dreadnoughts
    18 landpeeders all of different varients
    4 landspeeder tempists

    the 8th company

    i see this company deploying behind enemy lines or assaulting urban areas, using the vindicators and thunderfire cannons to support them

    usual command squad
    20 5 man assault squads- either 3 thunderhawks to transport them or 1 stormbird
    3 vinicators- 3 thunderhawk transporters
    9 thunderfire cannons

    ???????????? the 9th company ?????????????

    is definatley gonna have 10 devastator squads and will definately have 11 rhinos as transport. the thing is i cant decide whether to make this a siege busting company, the chapters artillery or its rear guard. if was the rear gaurd then i would definately attach predators and try to create a more of an assault theme. as a seige busting company then another 6 vindicators would b attached and 12 thunderfire cannons and lastly if i left them as as the chapters artillery then there would b 8 whirlwinds and 12 thunderfire cannons added. in my head each as it benefits and each has its cons. what do u think. pls give me your suggestions.

    the 10th company.

    im considering maiking a tellion like special character but for the blood angels instead and arming him with a special sniper rifle, a spotter and a 2 man drop pod that also returns back to the orbiting strike cruiser

    master of recruits- 5man honour gaurd
    above mentioned special character
    12 5 man scout squads each with a landspeeder storm as transport
    4 5 man scout sniper squads ?????drop pods?????? or even a few storm ravens again
    2 10 man bike squads
    4 attack bikes
    and 3 lightweight buggys like the tauros venator from forgeworld.

    And thats it thats as far as ive got with the planning from this project. i knpw its a monumental task and ive worked it out to be about 15000k in total cost but its gonna be awesome. also i have planned the armoury but literly a copy from the codex with no changes what so ever. so pls feel free to give any suggestions or ideas theyre greatley apprieciated

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    That's a flipping ton of marines you're talking about - if you pull it off, it'll be quite impressive.

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    You are out of your ever-lovin' mind...GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Once a Marine, always a Marine.

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    I would pay money to see a pic of that army painted. Hell, I would pay to go see it in an exhibition.
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    how much is that gonna cost?

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    replace all rhinos with LR (of vairying types!)

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