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    Good build for 1500 Marines vs Necrons

    Need some good tactics for trying to beat down a rather mobile Necron army. Im only guessing this as ive seen his army and it consists of quite a lot of heavy/destroyers, he has a c'tan and two moniliths at his disposal with probably one unit each of the elites, not to mention a rather substantial warrior force. Not sure what he'll take againt a space marine army but wanted some ideas on whether to stand ground, assault the hell out of him or any other tactics anyone has used.

    My Army has a mixed bag of goods not quite everything id like but if anybody has any ideas on what i should take out of it!

    1x Captain
    1x Terminator Librarian
    1x Terminator Chaplain
    3x 10 man tacticals - one 10 man consists of a full boltgun platoon
    1x 10 assault squad
    1x 5 man Scout - Non snipers
    1x 5 man terminator squad
    1x 5 man terminator assuat squad - lightning claws or thunder hammers
    1x 10 man Sternguard squad
    1x Standard Dreadnaught
    2x Predators can be armed with any combination
    1x Whirlwind
    1x Landraider
    1x Drop pod

    HQ choices ive been using so far with most armys has been running the Captain with the Sterguards and upgrading his boltgun to have hellfire rounds and running either the Chaplain with the assualt terminators, or Librarian with the standard terminators.

    Your wisdom would be most appriciated!!

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    Assault the hell out of him pretty much does it usually. if a dp dread survives the first round of shooting, he'll probably hold any non-pariah or spyder unit up for the rest of the game, if not destroying them. Grab as much ap 1/2 and power weapons as possible and minimal tanks - flayers eat tanks alive as they always glance on 6's. If you have lascannons grab them ALL - they are pretty much the only thing that can bust the monolith. Otherwise, high ap stuff as they can't WWBB them without a res orb. Remember if he is down to a quarter of his necrons (warriors, immortals, flayed ones, destroyers and lords) he automatically loses regardless of victory conditions. To this end, take any devastators, sternguard and cc termies/assault marines. All are good against necrons.
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    Basically, what he said. Honestly, I'd just take one of my normal all-purpose lists and assault him a lot more.

    Though if you can get some vindicators, take those. They ruin Necron's day light few other things.

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