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    Need help picking a HQ for my army

    My 1500pt armylist is roughly:
    Rifleman Dread

    3 Tactical Squads

    (so half the marines stay behind and 1+1/2 squads move up the field in their Rhinos)

    5 Man Assault Squad
    Typhoon Speeder
    Typhoon Speeder

    Autolas Pred w/HK missile
    Autolas Pred w/HK missile

    Right now this comes to 1345 points with no HQ
    A basic Librarian is usually good, with Nullzone it could really boost my midfield power. In which case any idea on where to spend the other 55? Maybe make one of the preds Tri-Las?

    Or a Captain with Relic Blade and Stormshield would add a lot of assault and staying power to the fist combat squad, lots of wounds and a good inv save could soak up some plasma fire/MC attacks. Still not that hard to kill though and adds nothing to the overall army.

    A Master of the Forge with beamer would add more long range power and would be safe in the Rhino-less Tactical squad. If they are in ruins it's a 3+ cover, 2+ if they go to ground!!! Making for some very hard to shift objective squatters. But with low mobility his gun would quickly lose effectiveness.

    It'd be really easy to add Vulcan or Khan to the army with a bit of shuffling around, though I'm not sure their rules would be that helpful.

    What do you think? Any positive experiences with certain HQ's? I tended to use a Libby in my old army but with no Invulnerable save he always got pasted by powerfists in the end.

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    Librarians have a certain degree of all-purpose utility that few other HQs can match - especially against some of the newer armies that are quite heavy on psychic powers. It's hard to go wrong with them. You can use the extra points to pick up a third transport for your tactical squads.

    Something to keep in mind is that you are fully capable of combat-squadding your guys. That will let you leave 2 missile launchers and the multi-melta to defend your rear lines while the rest of the boys move up. You could even take Razerbacks instead - you won't really loose much in terms of lack of transport capacity, and there's a rather useful bit of firepower in 3 TL Heavy Bolters.

    There's a fair bit of room to juggle points around in this army, so be creative.

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