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    SM - Dark Angels questions / need some advice

    Hi guys,

    im building up my dark angels army and i have some questions which i need some help with me first of all...


    Ive looked in my DA codex and cant seem to find any information about the benfits of using standards for example if i take balial one terminator can carry the deathwing standard do i gain anything from taking the standard or is it just cos it looks cool?

    ravenwing / terminators

    ive seen loads of forum posts about putting loads of points on ravenwing bikers and speeders and attack bikes, but my theory "i might be well off" but in my head it sounds cool. i put all my points on my terminator squads and use some basic ravenwing attack bikes and bikers to scout move and normal move towards the enemy they deepstrike my terminators straight to my attackbikes,

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    Basically you need to look through the entries for the relevant units/models to find this information about standards. The one you mention (Deathwing Standard) is explained on P.43 Codex DA. It's actually quite a nice standard to take! Sacred Standards are on P.37. Ravenwing standards are on P.45

    If you see an entry in the Army List section mention something about a Standard, cross-reference it with the Forces of the Dark Angels pages of the same heading. It really is a case of trawling through the codex, but you also need to refer to the updated Dark Angels FAQ on the GW site, as there have been some additions put in there.

    Using Ravenwing and Deathwing together would be nice. Just remember that the Ravenwing Teleport Homer has to be already on the table in the turn you attempt to Deep Strike your Deathwing.

    Hope this was of some help to you.

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