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    Lets talk grey knight tactics.

    Okay im sure all you faithful grey knight players out there have been sifting through the new Grey knights rumours and have squeeled in delight at all our new toys . (If you havn't seen all the rumours have a look at this which is the best rumour summary i have found; Grey Knight Rumors Thread - The Bolter and Chainsword : A 40k Space Marine Resource)

    So looking through that rumour list there are a couple of combos and nasty builds i can see becoming viable. Firstly lets have a look at purifiers and Castellan Garran Crowe.
    Now to sum up purifiers are exacly like normaly troop grey knights except they are an elite choice with, +1 A, +1 WS, and cleansing flame costing 4 points extra each. With Castellan Garran Crowe they become a troops choice and at 150 points he isn't too pricey. Most of all is that Castellan Garran Crowe gives the unit he is with counter-attack with a built in furious charge that works only when you get assaulted.
    Now if you pay the points for a unit of 10 purifiers with halberds and attach Castellan Garran Crowe and buy two psycannons this comes in at roughly 450 points. Not too pricey but for what they can do its worth it.
    With this unit you will sit them on an objective shooting with your psycannons forcing your opponent to dig them out. Seeing that they are only a unit of 10 grey knights with a character you would think a group of terminators and a chaplain would have no problem in beating them in the assault when they charge.
    When they do assault you however you strike at inititive 6 at str 6 (using hammerhand) with 4 power weapon attacks each and re-rolling to hit.
    Now that will whipe out pretty much any unit in the game assaulting you striking even before blood angles terminators with furious charge
    Also with cleansing flame you can deal with basicly any horde unit attacking you too.

    This will be the main unit i will use when the codex first comes out as players will still have the mental block of thinking because they are normal grey knights in power armour how could they be a threat to my uber deathstar. What you can also do is pretend to accidently leave them in assault range of a deathstar unit such as a landraider with filled with terminators and watch with delight as your grey knight pwn them

    Secondly I can see Grand masters being taken A LOT. This is mainly as they can make units scoring and scout which i think are the main ones here. Where this can be used is to make purgation squads, loaded with psycannons, scoring so they can sit on your home objective poping transports open with there str 7 rending psycannons yet still claim the objective.

    Also scouting landraiders will be making an apperance. First turn assault yes please!

    Dreadknights with personal teleporters are going to be a menace if not pricey, but combined with the ability to make them scoring you can whiz from one end of the board to the other to capture last turn. The same can be said for grey knights with teleporters with the Grand master opening up so many options as he can make practicly any unit scoring.

    Lets have a look at the inquisition warbands briefly now. Cortez makes them troops which i think will be great as this makes pure inquisition armies still viable. However most of all is the ability to mix and match different henchman to make a certain unit. Crusader spam will be common i think for closecombat as storm shield PW is ace! When the weaponsmith and servitors can act as decent shooting units to support whilst remaining scoring. Other options such as deathcult assasins and deamonhosts look alright but we really need to wait for the codex to be sure if they could work well or not.
    Brief note on assasins personaly is that they look alright but no big changes with nothing that special (except BS and WS 8 xD) might take a vindicare to get rid of any hoods that could cause problems. (The worst enemy that this army will face in pyschic hoods which is also why the culexus might not be a bad idea)

    Those were just some of my thoughts on the rumours. Of course things can change and i may be wrong on a couple of occasions. If there is anything you want to discuss about the forthcoming grey knights codex just post below. Just a month and a bit to go xD

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    Nothing more funny than 3 inquisitors with sanctify when facing deamons. They cant do anything while you stand in front of them having a tee break.

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    still too long!!!!!!!!!!! need them to come out NOW!

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    Yeah triple scoring teleporting deathknights ftw!!!
    “The ultimate philosophical question, “Am I human or machine” is answered by many people, “I don’t care, as long as I am”
    - Myron Krueger

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