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    a lil help starting out

    Hey all,

    I just recently bought the starter box Assault on Black Reach to get myself RE-started into the 40k world. Been about 10 years or so since i last hit the table with my 1500pt Space Wolves army (you remember, back wen all SW models were pewter, even had a Lemann Russ blister i had just found and was dying to paint and find a way to field) my mom gave away after I joined the military >.> But I'm back and heading a slightly different direction. Got my new plastic space marines and are heading towards a fast assault mix of scouts and Veterans and was wondering the best ways to do that per the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter. Any advice on what to add to the starter box would be great.

    Was thinking of adding

    2x Space Marine Scouts with Sniper Rifles

    1x Sternguard Vet squad

    2x Space Marine Veteran squad

    and make them mobile with

    3x Rhinos to kinda keep up with the fluff

    maybe some scouts on bikes as well. What do you think guys? Wanna go for at least 1250 pts and havent picked up the codex yet. So not quite sure where i am point wise with the adds i wanna get. Thanks for any advice and help you guys might give n advance! and the forum is great here btw

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    I was just looking back and saw that no one had responded, so...

    The starter has you at a 10 man tac squad, a captain and a dreadnought. The scouts would finish out your troop requirements. Looks like you want a lot of vets, so you could buy the metals or save some cash by using the plastics and sprucing them up s bit to show their vet status. You definitely want transports for your squads as well. You may have seen it on other posts, but always buy Razorbacks instead of rhinos. You get the same kit with the addition of the turret. Just don't t glue the top hatch and you can swap between the two for more flexibility.

    Grab the codex ASAP because it will be a great help in planning your army.

    Good luck!

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    here's a tip, go to all your mates who have got Maccarage models, or have got hobby starter paint sets, as this gives you 5 more marines to field at no extra cost. also assualt marines are useful as this gives you a close-combat unit which can destroy anything you want htem to!

    (alternatively, buy a battleforce which gives you 15 more tac marines, 5 scouts, one Rhino and 5 Assualt Marines!)

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