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    Well, I was thinking about it, and the WH are just so perfect with the BT!

    thing about it, they both hate psykers, they are both zealus paladins, htey are both really cool!
    so I will start a small force of WH to go with my BT, as the bolters, flamers and melta will go perfect with my 'The Walking Black-Armoured Death' style CC army.
    also, it will let me impress my second love in 40K, after CC, the flamer!
    i just cant get enough of that template goodiness!!!!!!

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    LOL they do match up well together

    And as for the Walking Black-Armoured Death as the tactics name. I think its a quite accurate description of the tactic&#33;

    But for my army I would call it
    Walking Black Armoured Flaming Death

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