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    Dark Angel Attack Bike

    So I'm new to Dark Angels and have been looking throught the dark angel codex recently. I have seen something about ravenwing combat squads that i need clarified.

    in the entry it states that

    "much like combat squads, the squadrons attack bike and land speeder are purchased together with the squadron and then deployed at the same time as the squadrons bikes, but from then on they always operate as completely independent scoring units of one model"

    At no point in this box of text does it state that Sammael is needed to do this. I know he makes attack squadrons troops choices, but this paragraph doesn't say the attack bike and landspeeder are troops also, but that they are scoring. I also cant seem to find any amendment in the recent FAQ.

    Does this mean that if you took a deathwing army of terminators with an attack squadron of bikes with one attack bike, the attack bike would be classed as a fast attack scoring unit, but the bikes would still simply be fast attack? Or would none of the unit class as scoring? Im also assuming that much like combat squads the attack bike is considered a separate kill point?

    On a further note, does Belial also benefit from the Deathwing Assault? So can he join a terminator unit and come in first turn? Or does this only apply to deathwing terminator squads and he has to be held in reserve as normal?

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    Attack Bikes and Land Speeders bought from the Ravenwing Attack Squadrons are indeed scoring units all of them time. If the regular bikers are or not depends on if they're bought as troops, courtesy of Sammael. They're also separate killpoints.

    Any IC wearing terminator armour can also perform a Deathwing Assault, as long as they're wing a Deathwing squad. See the Deathwing entry for details.

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