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    Honor Guard Ideas!

    Hey guys, we all know that our chapter masters get shot up when alone and sometimes dont pack as much as a punch as we would hope. But one thing we also know is that Honor Guard have some sick upgrades and stats themselves! Unfortunatly for anyone but Ultramarines, and Blood Angles, you have to find a way to make some marines "pop" because there is no "Official" honor guard set.

    Of course this isn't all bad, and especially since the new Grey Knights were released, we might even have the better deal then our blue-suited friends.

    Anyways, when I see my honor guard I see them all with relic blades... not kidding,

    Method #1

    You use a some Dark Angles Veterans and kit them up with the swords that come in the box and some spare bits.

    Robed bodies make the models stand out
    you get a couple swords in the box that can be used as the relic blade
    other misc. bits

    Not enough swords in kit to give all models a relic blade
    Dark Angles Iconography to take off
    Only the robes make them different from regular marines

    Method #2

    Use an Ultramarines or Blood Angles Gaurd Squad and Grind off Icons

    Both the Ultra's and BA's Armor is considerably different from a regular marine
    Sanguinary Guard come with enough blades to fit all models with Relic Blades

    Icons to grind off/ Sculpt off
    Sanguinary Guard have jump packs, which are not in the Honor Guard options so you will need to find other backpacks.

    Method #3 (My Favorite!)

    Use a regular Grey Knights marine pack, arming them any blade you please! (I assume) Grind off the book on the left shoulder pad, OR find your chapter specific Pad and replace it with that. Paint the Knights like you would your Honor Guard and done! their
    Nemisis Force Weapon is your relic blade, and the wrist-mounted stormbolter(or whatever it is) is the bolter!

    No iconography to take off other than the shoulder pad(As far as I know! If a knights player could confirm this than that would be great)
    Considerably different look than a regular marine
    If played with Kantor, the wrist mounted bolters will look especially uniform
    More than enough swords to give the entire squad a relic blade
    Other cool bits to put on!

    Shoulder pad has book on it... (Seriously thats all i can think of...)

    Well guys thanks for reading hope this helped anyone looking for ideas. If you have some, post a reply. same if I missed a + or -'s.


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    The shoulder pads with the book can use some customisation and added to custom made libys.
    Praise be to the Emperor!!

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