just looking for a bit of advice for a new 40k player, i play space marines and i have opted to build an army up that can be used for any chapter, i don't like the idea that i paint everything this way and now im stuck with 1 sm army but a new codex comes out and i have to rebuy the same models. this said i play blood angels primarillly and have some of the uniques for this army but also have a grey knights codex however i want some pointers on beating the tau and dark eldar, i need a good 1000 and 1500 pts list that will fight either or both of these armies on any given day. I have about 10 games under my belt but only 2 wins, 1 loss and 7 ties. if you can please give me a few suggestions on what i can build that will be fairly useful and give me a good solid base and maybe a few tactics to help out too.

just post under this and i will be on many times a day if need be to talk about tactics and ideas if anyone has any. also i am thinking of trying the space wolves as i haven't tried them yet. thanks, dan.