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    Sisters of Battle Codex Rumors?

    I'm sure this has been gone over before, but what are the chances for them releasing a SoB Codex in the next couple of years?

    I liked the old SoB 2nd ed Codex better than the WH Codex, both in terms of fluff and in terms of the stuff working well together on the field. I would prefer something more along those lines.

    What have you guys heard and what would you want?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlkSabbath74 View Post
    What have you guys heard and what would you want?
    Heard : Nothing, beyond rumours of plastic models.

    Want :
    1)Something that doesn't lose the unique feel of the sisters (that is to say - no getting mat-warded into codex:female space marines)
    2)No copy/paste from codex GK
    3)Ecclesiarchy/arbites units to not be shoe-horned into the codex detracting from the sisters. A mob is fine, but not a troops mob, fast attack mob, heavy support mob, elite mob, etc. The arbites don't need anything more than an HQ, an IG platoon style mix and match unit, and perhaps a leman russ variant in the heavy support slot - that's it.
    4)Faith to remain interesting and dynamic, not the chart of 2nd ed and not a watered down psychic-power stand in.

    Beyond that just expansion of what exists - if the sisters paid the same kind of prices tac squads did there would be no need for codex creeping extra gear, rules, or points cuts onto them. Hell i'd pay 12 points a sister for power armour and a bolter, if the unit itself was paying proper 5th ed costs for upgrades.

    Scouting dominions, scoring retributors with heavy flamers(it's about time dev squads got some table time), saints, old-school celestian retinues, and so on. Expanding on the existing themes and - if possible - make foot sisters viable or some other alternative to mech. There are a lot of ways to improve the WH codex, but there are also a lot of ways to really screw it up...

    Edit - i'll also add that I don't object to the idea of having an inquisitor - but as an important and powerful central figure, hood, psypowers, etc. Not the grenade caddies and zoo keepers of the GK book. The lone inquisitor at the head of an elite sororitas force appears more than once in fluff and really a cleaned up version of the codex:WH lord would be just fine (sans retinue).
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    I'd like to add to that want list: useful Repentia and Penitent engines. Two of my favorite models that I'll never buy because they are useless in game.

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