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    Blood Angels Chapter Banner Question

    So it says a unit of Sanguinary Guard my take one..... it does not say it replaces a weapon or anything like that. I was wandering if there was a general consensus about this (Grey Knights have pretty much the same thing except it takes their sword off to hold it). Also this same question sort of applies to Blood Chalices.

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    Chapter banner: It just says "can carry" it doesn't say anything about "replace *** with". So, no. It doesn't replace anything. For modeling purposes it may take up the use of a hand on your Sang guard or honour guard but rules wise it doesn't replace anything.

    Blood Chalices: Same with the blood chalice, It's just an additional peice of wargear, it doesn't replace anything. For that matter, although it's listed as wargear it should realy be counted as a special rule. You don't actuley have to model an actual 'chalice' on the sang priest. The abilerty to take a blood chalice isn't optional, the sang priest can't choose to drop it or replace it with anything. As long as the model clearly represents that it's an apothicary it fulfills all the requirements of WYSIWYG without an actual 'chalice'
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