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    Stormraven loadout.

    So what loadouts have been working for everyone on their stormravens?

    I have a few ideas

    Lascannons and CML would make a potent ranged AT combo,

    Auto cannon, heavy bolter, and hurricane bolters would be nasty against infantry

    Multi-melta, lascannon would be great to open transports for the infantry inside to get at.

    CML and plasma could drop a good amount of small templates

    So what works?
    And what have you been carrying?

    I was thinking of making a death co stormraven with a death co dread, 8 or so death co, and a reclusiarch. Push it up, blow some stuff up disembark and go to work.

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    I'm usually running multi melta, plasma and hurricane bolters works just fine for me. I'f I have the points sometimes I'll do missile launchers but it rly depends on my opponent

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