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    Logan Grimnar Army

    Is a Logan Grimnar Army, viable?

    Six Squads of SW Terminators.

    + Either some dreadnoughts, or longfangs, or vindicators for heavy support.

    (Mind you I haven't been able to pick up the 'dex yet so I'm unaware if some units are not available with this HQ.)

    Do the terminators need drop pods? Or can I get away with spending those points on something else?

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    A Loganwing is used quite often, and pretty good if used right. I would take Logan, and a Rune Priest with TDA, and add 3 or 4 Terminator units, then some dreadnoughts and some Long Fangs, I know they're not terminators, but you might want them in an army like this, even if it's just one unit.
    I like to drop them with logan, and give them relentless. Then give them 5 MM, and pop 2 big tanks in the first turn. Maybe give them a wolf guard with storm shield for any AP 2/3 hits.

    Don't make the Wolf guard squads too expensive, 5 man with wolf claws and some combi weapons, maybe a missile launcher or asscannon, but don't go waisting points. The army isn't large to begin with, so your

    You don't need drop pods on every unit, but they'r useful. Though if you want to build a drop pod army, I would suggest not to make it a Loganwing drop pod army.

    I hope this helps.

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