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    Veteran Loadout Options?

    I am currently building a Veteran Sqaud to act as a 4th Platoon in an Infantry orientated list.

    Currently they have 3 x G/L, Demolitions & Shotguns and a Chimera with M/L, Stubber and either Hull H/B or H/F

    I really see their role as a mobile support/spearhead unit (I only have the one)

    The fluff doesn't allow for the usual melta/plasma spam - and anyway I don't have the models!

    Is it worth adding in a heavy weapon - maybe a Missile Launcher (to distinguish from all the A/C in the line squads) and use the BS4?

    Is the best option Hull H/B or H/F?

    To be honest I am torn between "wasting" their BS4 and re-fitting with three flamers and a hull H/F so they can clear bunkers etc.

    Or using them with the G/L and a Heavy Weapon to shoot from the hatch and a Hull H/B as a mobile fire-base.

    Any suggestions?

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    Honestly from the sounds of it, a melta squad would be your best bet. It's fairly easy to convert the guns up and GW does sell 5-packs of both meltaguns and plasmaguns.

    Anywho, you aren't really interested in that so I look at some other stuff. You say you want mobile support, which means assault weapons so I'd put the heavy guns on hold as you want to be able to move and shoot while remaining relatively cheap.

    Sounds like the x3 GLs is a good call. High strength at BS4 with a 30" threat range or several small blasts with the same threat range.

    On the chimera, I'd go Multilaser/Heavy Flamer as it gives you the most versatility. Multilaser at range while on the move with high rate of fire and high strength is great. Up close (while still on the move), you can do a lot of damage with the heavy flamer.

    Demolitions is a bit 'meh' for this type of squad IMO as you can stay at a nice 20-30 inch range for your damage output. If you want more punch with the group, attach a Primaris Psyker to the squad to throw around even more high strength shots.

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